This is how my new book looks

2-Digit-Serial-Number-IMG_1808032913  Ink Droplets: Everything was going so well. In a mind map I had drawn up the plot, made all the descriptions of the characters and places to occur in the novel, the target for how much to write each day was decided and my Scrivener was set up. I was so ready! I started writing. What a joy. The words came in a steady flow and pages just filled the screen of my computer – 81 pages in record time and I was enjoying every minute. Then all of a sudden I hit a brick wall, and it was solid. The plot and the whole story all of a sudden made no sense to me…

The plot was OK, but would not make you reflect. Was I going to write a book that I did not have my heart in? After a couple of weeks of reflection the answer was very clear to me. No, I was not!

So all of it ended up in a pile on the floor. And there it has been for some days now – to much amusement for my cat. Well, I still believe that the chapters I have written are good and I still would like to use them. Now the question is: What should be around them to make the story come alive and create that bobble of reality a book is.

2 thoughts on “This is how my new book looks

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