I would never have guessed

Ink Droplets:  When I wrote the last blog post I would never have guessed where I would be with my book when the summer vacation was over.

I would never have guessed that I could not leave the old material behind and just go on to write a completely different book. Some of the scenes from the old book kept popping up and all of a sudden the new one didn’t move forward. So I went back.

The plot of the old story still didn’t make sense, but I saw a possibility to twig it a bit, and it started to make a lot more sense than the first time around. I also saw a possibility to make use of some of the scenes I wrote in the dairy application within the new plot, the ones I like the best.

So the two books with the working titles Till Death Do Us Part and Dreams Die With Pain is now in the process of merging into one book. I keep the working title Dreams Die With Pain as it is setting the feel for the novel. I started merging the two on 25th of July and am now when I am writing this blog 35.000 words into the novel. There is a steady flow in the writing and the story develops by it self.

It just proves that I sometimes need to take a step back, get my mind of the story, do something completely different and then go back.

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