Like Bilbo the Hobbit

Writing Table: The last blog I wrote got me think about the way I work. It doesn’t fit into any of the How To Books. So why does it work for me when it is all 2 Digit Serial Number-IMG_2904092413wrong?


The answer is simple:

I go on an adventure!

From when I was 16 and until I was 20 I wrote 5 novels that probably will stay in my drawer, but they gave me the knowledge of when writing feels natural and how writing stays a joy to me; and I would like to share this with you.

I always have a working title; actually the working title is often the one to kick-start the story and with the title usually comes a question. The working title can be words taken from a sentence, a quote; I have a book full, or just something I heard – maybe on the bus this morning.

Then I decide on the mood of the book and where I want it to end. I have an idea of who my main character is, and very importantly a draft timeline usually only a starting and end point, I then keep building it.

Then it is time to seat myself in a comfortable sofa with a big cop of tea and my laptop, and I start my adventure. As I write the places and characters start to form, sometimes I wonder where they come from and where the scenes have hidden in my brain, as they can be so unlike me as a person. Sometimes I have to pull myself together to write some of the scenes because of what they do to the charters.

To work as described means that I never know if my main charter stays the main character or if somebody else takes over as the writing progresses. To me the process is an utter joy, I pack my bag pack and like Bilbo the Hobbit who put one foot in front of the other, I put one word after the other.

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