A voice I can’t hear

I just removed my hands from the keyboard. I done, I have written my second book and the visual proof is clearly looking back at me from the screen of my computer; the first draft. I feel drained now, it is like something that belonged to me for the last 5 months, no longer does. As if I have lost it.

I am now going to spend a few weeks away from the book trying to forget; so when I come back I will be able to see it, not with the eyes of writer but with a stranger’s. Giving me the freedom to cut, rewrite and add like it isn’t my lifeblood but the lifeblood of somebody else, a voice I can’t hear.

Looking back writing this book was different from the last one I published Dancing With Life. Writing Dancing With Life was very much writing from A to B to C, maybe the structure of the book divided into time frames made it easier; this new book keep changing and two times I had to pause for several weeks, as it lead me into narrow paths making it difficult to continue, as small storylines keep popping up to participate in the main story.

Now turning off the computer I feel I am turning off what was with me 24 hours a day; and are now looking forward to re-reading, taking it into my heart instead of my mind.

Excerpt from Dancing With Life


2 thoughts on “A voice I can’t hear

  1. Congratulations! I just completed my first novel. I know how you feel–drained and exhilarated. With still so much work left to do to get it ready for publication. All the best on getting it published.

    • Thanks Deborah and congratulations to you too. I am actually looking forward to returning to the book, I know there is a lot of work ahead of both of us; but I like that part as well. You know it is just different.

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