3 Months Have Passed

Late Snow
Late Snow


Ink Droplets3 months have now passed since I wrote the last word in my new book; 3 months spend on things I wanted to try for some time. I made a book trailer for my old book. Unfortunately due to some software difficulties I am not able to save it in a video format that I can upload; so I am waiting for a software update. In the meantime I wrote down all the thoughts I went through in regard to the content so while you are waiting for the trailer the next blog will contain these thoughts.

I also jointed a new site ThirdScribe where Reader and Authors can meet. This site has a modern interface and authors have the possibility to get their own sub-site. Further it is every easy to share the content with your friends; and for once it is easy to buy the book you fall in love with, as direct links takes you to your preferred publisher. Thank you ThirdScribe.

And finally 2 days ago I started editing my new book, and the first chapter is now in second draft. I still like it just as much as when I wrote it. I am always nervous when I start the editing process; do the story hold up or is my memory playing a trick on me. But it isn’t. One thing will change, the title. That was expected as I start out with a working title, and as the story changes so must the title – see Like Bilbo the Hobbit”. I have started the book trailer and thereby stayed truth to what my next blog will tell you.

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